MODA 360: LA

A Complete Fashion Revolution on the West Coast - Join us for Moda 360: LA 2017

moda 360: august 1, 2017, the new mart, los angeles

IQTest by Melissa Lockwood

Juan Pablo Martinez

DESIGNERS: (Click on name to view profile)

Juan Pablo Martinez - Colombia
Idol Light - US
Atelier Tammam - UK
LUUT - Canada
Korbata - Guatemala
Good People - France
Debora Lindquist - US
IQTEST by Melissa Lockwood - US
Obscura - US


Andrea Bogdan - abstract art
Molly Conn - Sculpture
Jenny Amaya - photography
Holly Ahrens - painting
Mark Campana - painting
Julie Gardner - photography
Kel Rae - painting
Gemma Nelson - Painting
Sheree Naqvi - Photography
Amy Dignam - Mixed Media
Kate Aries - Film
Natasha - Film

"A Walk on the Wild Side" : A sustainable runway featuring the fashion of Atelier Tammam, a London couture house of 100% vegan and ethical fashion, Juan Pablo Martinez, a collection fusing sustainability, fine tailoring and rock and roll from Bogata Colombia, and LA's own Deborah Lindquist who has spent 30 years designing eclectic, and striking fashion from reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials. A special feature of the runway was unique creations by artists and designers reflecting the species, habitats and conservation projects championed by the LA Zoo.


House of Tammam

Deborah Lindquist

"A Model Life" : CE Jordan performed her all-too-true tales of modeling in LA and NY in this journey down the runway of life. Wielding her signature combination of storytelling, music, dance, and an imaginative use of props, this versatile storyteller kicked up her high heels in this model bash for the ageless.

"Strangers in a Book" Screening : Written by Pedram Navab and directed by Marc Rezvani, the film follows Sara in actress Vida Ghaffari's (The Mindy Project, Mind of Mencia) dramatic debut, a hip and melancholic Iranian-American, who finds a misplaced book in a café. Intrigued by its contents, but unable to find the owner, she decides to interview the people in the notebook to decipher the identity of the mysterious man. The strangers whom she meets, considered the dregs of society, tell Sara stories about the enigmatic owner of the book, who is considered both diabolical and kind. In her relentless pursuit of the ultimate stranger, Sara is thus plunged into the horror of the unknown, where reality merges with art, and where existence itself is questioned. The film has also received 7 nominations at the prestigiousFilm Festival in San Diego and won Best Guerrilla Film at the popular Action on Film (AOF) Festival in Monrovia, California and the noted Finow Film and Script Festival in Eberswalde, Germany.