Moda 360: A Complete Fashion Revolution

Moda 360 is a fusion of art, fashion, live model presentations and film to give international independent fashion designers, artists and filmmakers a visual platform for promoting their work. Moda 360 designers present their collections in artistic presentations alongside and in collaboration with art exhibits, unique runway performances and creative videos, as well as producing a visual portfolio of marketing materials for long-term promotion. Great visuals lead to press coverage, editorials and online content and interest from buyers. Creating media materials can take time and money that independent companies do not have, and it can be difficult to get the attention of press and media to publish content. This 2-day event helps designers create a presentation that will enchant, and press, media and buyers will be invited to experience collections in a new, creative way, in a relaxing atmosphere.

Taking place in the offseason, Moda 360 gives media, press, buyers and fashion professionals the opportunity to discover independent and emerging designers that they miss during fashion and major market weeks in an enjoyable setting. International videographers will showcase their work at the event, and participating designers will be able to connect with filmmakers to have their designs featured in a creative, digital presentation.

Designers, sponsors, media, press and professionals may find out more about participating and attending by contacting Moda 360.



The showrooms are a cost-effective online platform to reach the global fashion industry, with designer profiles, lookbooks and high resolution photographs available 24/7 to international retailers, media and press. The showrooms facilitate business between buyers, designers and press, taking business beyond an internet display. Showroom International displays independent collections from around the world and the Bel Esprit Showroom spotlights ethical collections. The showrooms create signature events and partner with industry events around the world to give designers global exposure.




The New Mart Building, a registered Los Angeles historical landmark located in the center of Downtown LA’s fashion district, is home to 100+ showrooms representing hundreds of top lines. With both high profile and cutting edge showrooms – The New Mart is the most sought after venue for wholesale fashion buyers from around the world.



Linger Magazine, the media partner for Moda 360, is a monthly digital luxury publication built for aficionados with a fondness for fashion, beauty, and the arts. Based in Boston with an international reach, certified industry organizations, such as FOLIO, has validated Linger as an industry resource. PR Couture celebrates Linger as one of “8 Digital Magazines You Should Know”. Niche Media refers to Linger as ‘One of Ten Top Niche Publications’. Mobile-ready and fully interactive, Linger publishes a monthly digital issue complemented with an annual glossy print issue to commemorate each anniversary.

Max Rosenfeld has been heavily involved with the process of filming and editing, from a small boutique scale to large network productions. He has worked for MTV, VH 1 and CMT networks filming popular reality shows, as well as Warner Brothers and Fuel TV. He films and produces both commercial and entertainment films with the focus on an artistic presentation. He produces high quality product. As Max says, "This is not a job for me, it's a love. I am truly grateful that my passion has become my career" and it shows in his work.